Majo et al, United States

Majo et al

Myanmar Artist

Name has been removed to maintain anonymity

Title: Majo, et al. (2021). Anti-authoritarian resistance of COUPID-21 variant MAH.2.1.21. Journal of Anti-authoritarian Mutual Alliance, 88(88), 22-222. Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has had widespread effects across the globe, and recently, its destructive new variant, MAH-2.1.21, has begun to spread and causing a COUPID-21 epidemic. More effective interventions need to be developed to end this epidemic. Single and combination treatment of direct actions, mutual aid, and widespread campaigns all have a positive and promising results. But it is still couldn't be highly effective enough since it's only a palliative treatment. Curative treatments from outside factors such as NGOs, ASEAN, UN, ICC, and the international community as a whole are urgently needed and required since this variant is still threatening the very rights and democracy of the people of Myanmar.

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