Anonymous, Myanmar

Anonymous, Bamar-Mon Illustrator

Myanmar Artist

Name has been removed to maintain anonymity

“I was supposed to be saving up money I earned from work for my education. I’m 21 but I still haven’t gone to university. I thirst for education and that thirst made me wanna do my best to achieve it...And those dreams has been shattered since February 1. I left my home, lost my job, friends got captured, children got shot and the news I consumed everyday boiled my blood. I still have a roof above my head, and food on my plate but many don’t anymore. I can still hope and dream but the students and children who have given their lives can’t anymore. Everything that has been happening angered me and I want to do everything to help. But all I have is art and if one art can save a life, art is what I will do. I painted this artwork shortly after seeing several news about the children being shot. I personally love children and think they’re the cutest most precious tiny people. And seeing those terrorists shot and hit and abducted these children boiled my blood. I wanted to express my feelings through art so I painted. The hands are our hands — parents, friends, partners, those who were left behind. The blood is theirs — children, students, friends, parents, the people who got shot unjustly and brutally by the terrorists. The words that the blood formed shows how everyone who got left behind are still angry and nothing could ever make us forgive them.” “Our Blood” by M, Bamar-Mon Illustrator, Digital Art, Myanmar

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