Akash Guha Roy (AesthetikRebel)

Akash Guha Roy (AesthetikRebel), India

Myanmar Artist

Name has been removed to maintain anonymity

More than 765 people have been killed and more than 3300 political prisoners have been detained & inhumanly tortured so far as Myanmar’s military junta continues to administer the use of appalling and brutally horrific methods to quell anti-coup protests. Protesters, by standers, children’s, medical workers are shot to the head, tortured, burnt alive, beaten to death, tied up and dragged along on motorbikes – perpetrated by junta troops in police, soldier, or civilian clothes. It’s a sheer state sponsored terrorism inflicted on its own citizens whom the army had vowed to protect. If the oppression and the killings go on like this, then an evident full blown civil war is going to explode, “I CAN CLEARLY HEAR THE ECHOES OF SYRIA”…
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