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Raise Three Fingers (formerly Art for Freedom MM) is a campaign hub founded by artists and creatives in Myanmar to bring the global art community together and highlight the unfolding human rights and humanitarian crises caused by the military coup on February 1 2021.

The site has been covered in The New York Times and Nikkei Asia.

A collaboration of Art for Freedom MM, Latt Thone Chaung and The Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation (UK) we call on the global art community to raise three fingers and shine a light on an illegitimate power grab. The Burmese army has stolen the nation and our future.


Art for Freedom MM

Using art and illustration to uphold human rights for Myanmar.

Latt Thone Chaung

We are here to celebrate all forms of creative protests against the military coup in Myanmar.

The Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation (UK)

Home to some of the UK’s finest cartoonists’ talent.


Gwangju Branch of the National Artists Association

A professional art organisation aiming to develop Korean and local art culture, such as the May Spirit Exhibition


Myanm/art is a gallery, project space and library founded in 2016 in Yangon, Myanmar. Its mission is to support and represent artists from Myanmar domestically, regionally and globally.

MiMi Aye

Journalist, food writer, author of the award-winning ‘MANDALAY: Recipes & Tales from a Burmese Kitchen’ and host of food & culture podcast The MSG Pod

Gallery Podonamu

Cultural hub for artists, curators and researchers located in Gayeonjiso (a house with swallow’s nest), Gwangju.

Ohn Mar Win

Burmese UK illustrator & sketchbook artist

Arts Help

Founded on the principle of art making the world a better place, Arts Help is the #1 art publisher, with a community of 2.5 million members.

Fine Acts

A global nonprofit creative studio for social impact

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